Preparations to think about

For those who are going to one of the hospital clinics

Please come to the hospital 15 minutes before your appointment to avoid delays. An identity check is made when you arrive at reception, so please take out your ID just before it is your turn. If you have a high-cost card or a free card, it would be good to have that handy too.

Self-check in service

Notice, if you are unable to attend your visit, please cancel your visit.

For those who will stay in a ward

Always take your notification letter, patient badge, photo ID, any medications that you use, sickness certificate if you have one, toiletries and any special aids. Your letter of notification will say which ward you should go to.

Mobile phone with text reminder (SMS)

If you want to receive a reminder in your mobile phone about your appointment at the hospital, you can sign up for this service by filling in a special form found in clinics and in the main entrance. A text message will be sent out the day before your planned visit, which does not replace the written notification. The service is for patients who have an appointment, with a few exceptions.

Have you been treated abroad?

If you have been given care in hospitals outside the Nordic Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) over the last six months, it is important that you inform the hospital staff in advance.

Health certificate

Bring a filled-in health certificate, if you have received one, together with your letter of notification when you come to the hospital.

Perfumes and aromas

Please do not use perfumes, after-shave or other strong smelling products during your hospital visit.

Stop smoking before an operation

The risk of complications with an operation decreases significantly if you stop smoking beforehand. Even a temporary stop 4-8 weeks before an operation and 6 weeks after will reduce the risk of complications or healing problems by at least 50%. SÄS offers advice and support on how to stop smoking before an operation.