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Södra Älvsborg Hospital

Wards and clinics

Contact information and facts about healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation for wards and clinics at the hospital.

Patient at SÄS

These pages are mainly for present or future patients at Södra Älvsborg Hospital (SÄS). The information is to make you feel reassured and well-informed about life at the hospital, whether you are visiting an out-patient clinic or staying in a ward.



Our E-services

Seeking healthcare

Information on how to seek healtcare.

Delivery unit

Take a look at our Delivery unit and Maternity department 

Del av karta

Map and parking

Digital maps help you find your way around the hospital, its parking areas, restaurants, cafés and other services.

Service ikoner

Services offered

Information about services and other activities, apart from the healthcare, for everyone visiting SÄS hospital.


Help us improve

Your participation is important for us to achieve safe, correct treatment. We would like to hear from you about your experience and viewpoints.

Work for us

Would you like to work with us and take part in creating our health promoting hospital with good specialised health care? We are looking for new colleagues.