About SÄS

Södra Älvsborg Hospital, SÄS, is a county hospital in Region Västra Götaland. We provide specialized health care for about 300 000 people in the city of Borås and surrounding municipalities.

Along with providing high-quality health care within all specialties, the hospital also has a research department and provides training for nurses and doctors. We have University hospital settings.

We also have a long experience of working with process-oriented improvement in healthcare setting. Innovative work in the patient safety field is another of our areas of expertise. For example, the green cross method for daily patient safety improvement, was invented at SÄS.

SÄS is currently doing reform work to adjust and be sustainable in order to manage the challenges and demands of tomorrow´s healthcare. We are using a patient centred approach, digitalization and expanding local healthcare provision together with our surrounding communities as our main strategies.