Here you can find information about research, the medical library and contact details for the Research unit at SÄS.

Research is a strategic issue for developing care, recruiting and retaining competent employees. At SÄS, patient centred clinical research is prioritized and good opportunities are created to combine clinical work with research. 

Support in research

The research unit offers support functions for clinical studies and for other types of clinical, epidemiological and health science research. The support is directed to researchers, managers and employees interested in research within all professions at the hospital.

The research unit announces Research days to employees annually and supports the entire research process.

If you want to know more, contact the Department of Research, Education and Innovation.


Department of Research, Education and Innovation


Clinical studies

At the hospital, industry- and academia-initiated clinical studies are conducted in most specialties with support from the central Department of Research, Education and Innovation.

The hospital promotes patient centred research and has a clear path in for all types of research collaborations, both from business and academia.

Study requests and other research collaborations

Do you have a study request or request for research collaborations for one of the hospital's functions? The research unit receives, administers and discusses requests so that you can quickly get an answer about SÄS´ possible interest. Do you want to know more or have a specific request?


Department of Research, Education and Innovation


Support in the implementation of clinical studies

The Department of Research, Education and Innovation offers, among other things:

  • One way in for study requests (feasibility)
  • Research nurse resource, educated in Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Support for new testers
  • Examination room and treatment room with basic equipment
  • Pharmaceutical room
  • Waiting room for patients
  • GCP training for SÄS employees
  • Support in planning, cost calculation, contract management and archiving
  • Mediation of statistician support
  • Network for research support personnel

Research reception

Within the Department of Research, Education and Innovation, there is a research reception that functions as a service for all clinics within the SÄS administration and provides both personnel resources for support before a study, as well as certain resources for research nurses during and after the start of the study, infrastructure that enables the implementation of different types of clinical studies.

The research clinic consists of an examination room and a treatment room, as well as a pharmaceutical room. The equipment is available to Södra Älvsborgs Hospital personnel by reservation.

Journal data extraction for research

Requests for journal data for research are sent to the Department of Research, Education and Innovation via email.

In order to handle your request, we need access to:

  • Ethics application including appendices such as research plan, variable list and information for invited research participants.
  • Decision of the Ethics Review Authority (basic application and amendment applications)
  • Brief description of the type of journal data desired
    Scope regarding number of participants and time period

Please note - do not send social security numbers in the e-mail request.


The Department of Research, Education and Innovation


Research collaboration

SÄS is a hospital built on collaboration. The hospital is neither too big nor too small, which provides good opportunities for collaboration between research colleagues in different fields and for building research groups.

In addition, the decision-making paths are short enough for quick action. The proximity to both the University of Borås and Sahlgrenska University Hospital also creates great potential for collaboration in various research areas.

An example of enhanced research collaboration is the collaboration between Södra Älvsborg Hospital, Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology. The collaboration includes projects in the areas of patient safety, care environment and close care and aims to create an excellent research environment within the three areas that provides conditions for top-class care, with the patient – for the patient, the good workplace and evidence-based care environments.

Medical Library

The medical library is a knowledge support for the hospital's employees. The library supports an evidence-based working method.

Employees can, for example, get help with course literature, information search, teaching in information search, digital resources and reference management.

Publications in the project database FoU i VGR

All R&D projects conducted within Västra Götaland are registered in the project database FoU i VGR

Ongoing research in Region Västra Götaland (in swedish)

Research unit, Södra Älvsborg Hospital