Your rights

Strengthened rights in the patient law

There are several laws that strengthen the rights of patients in healthcare. Among others, there is the right to seek healthcare in different places, consent to healthcare, decisions about what treatment will be applied, the right to obtain a second opinion, accessibility, and the right to one person as healthcare contact. There is a lot of information in the new Patient Act which gives you more opportunities to influence your own healthcare. Here are some of the key points.

Healthcare in consultation with you

Healthcare, with a few exceptions, is voluntary. Healthcare and treatment is therefore carried out in consultation with you and with your participation. You have the right to obtain good, clear information about your health and about different examination and treatment methods, what they involve and how they take place. You also have the right to refuse or interrupt treatment.

New medical assessment

If you have been informed that you have a life-threatening or particularly serious illness or injury, you have the right to obtain a new medical assessment, formerly called a second opinion. This means that you will be examined by another doctor than the one you first saw. The purpose of obtaining a new medical assessment is to ensure that you receive the care and treatment that is best for you.

One person as healthcare contact and individual planning

It is important to feel secure as a patient, not least when you have many contacts with healthcare. Different interventions must be coordinated according to the law, and you will be given one contact if you request as much. At the hospital it may be a doctor, a nurse or a person with a different profession. The healthcare services are responsible, together with other authorities such as the municipality or social services, for each patient receiving individual planning.

Healthcare guarantee

The healthcare guarantee means that everybody is entitled to a first visit or first treatment within 90 days. However, it does not state whether healthcare shall be given or which healthcare shall be given, since these questions are determined through a medical assessment. If the guarantee time cannot be met, the hospital must help you to see another care provider.

Every clinic gives information about their waiting times, some of them on their web pages. Special rules apply for cancer care and child and young persons' psychiatry (BUP). 

Healtcare guarantee -

Choosing a clinic

Do you need further assistance or information about the health care guarantee or the right to use the health centre or clinic of your choice? Contact the team that answers questions about it.

+46 33 - 616 28 60


Selection of provider - freedom of choice

Freedom of choice in healthcare means that patients can choose to seek healthcare at other hospitals than the one closest to where they have their registered address. The 1177 Healthcare Guide has all the information about the rules that apply when you want to apply for out-patient care (when you go to hospital for the day) or in-patient care (when you stay overnight in a ward). If you live in the West Götaland Region or the Region of Halland and you select healthcare outside these regions, you will have to pay certain costs yourself such as patient fees, travelling and accommodation.

Viewpoints and complaints

We would like to hear from you about your experience and viewpoints, both positive and negative. If you want to talk to an independent party, you can contact the Patient Board. The role of the Patient Board is to act as a link between patients and healthcare staff, but it makes no medical assessments. Investigations of possible medical errors are handled by IVO, the Health and Social Care Inspectorate.


If you are not at ease with Swedish or have serious hearing or speech difficulties, you have the right to a language interpreter or sign language interpreter. Contact the clinic before you come to the hospital and the staff can help to obtain an interpreter.

Other matters

The patient journal

Information about your health and the care you are given is saved in your patient journal. It includes completed and planned healthcare, examinations, test results, diagnoses and operations. This information helps us to provide good quality, safe healthcare. If you want to know what is registered about you, you may send for copies of your journal.

Patient transport

For questions about remuneration for patient transport, contact the Patient transport unit in Södra Älvsborg.

+46 (0)10-47 32 100


Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus handles your personal data in accordance with EU:s data protection regulation, GDPR. You can read more about how personal data management and how it’s handled in Region Västra Götaland via the link provided below.

Contact the data protection officer if you’d like to request a withdrawal of what personal data we’re currently having, or if you’d like to request a correction, transfer, deletion or any restriction of your personal data.

If you think that we process or treat your personal data incorrectly in any way, you have the right to contact the supervisory authority, the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.