Order a copy of your patient journal

In exceptional cases it may not be appropriate to provide such information. You have the right to appeal against a decision not to release a copy of the journal and the right to know how to act if you wish to appeal against the decision.  

Application for a copy of your patient journal

In order for us to send journal copies to you, we first need some information about the case. You can write your own letter or send the information by e-mail. Write as clearly as you can:

  • Your name and civic registration number
  • The injury or illness you want information about
  • The clinic or ward where you were a patient
  • The time period in question (year, month)

Charges for paper copies 

We send up to nine paper copies of the patient journal without any charge. For ten copies the charge is SEK 50. Each additional copy costs SEK 2. The maximum cost for copies is SEK 300. Journal copies are sent by normal post or as a cash-on-delivery letter if there are 10 pages or more. Postal charges may apply. The copies are sent to your registered address.

Requests for copies of the journal are sent to

Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus
SE 501 82 Borås

+46 33 - 616 10 00 (switchboard)