If you need healthcare

1177 – Healthcare advice on the phone

1177 is a national service for wellness and healthcare information online and on the phone. Advisement nurses at 1177 answer questions, determine the need for further care, provide advice and/or recommend other healthcare agencies.The general public is welcome to phone 1177 healthcare advice twenty-four hours a day, year-round, all over Sweden.

1177 – Healthcare advice on the web

The website 1177.se is free from commercial interests and is owned by all county councils and regions. Texts are written by experts in their fields including physicians, nurses, dentists and pharmacists. All information is reviewed for factual accuracy in several steps before publication and texts are updated regularly.

1177 in other languages - 1177.se

Interpretation help

If you have difficulty in understanding and speaking Swedish, you may request the help of an interpreter via the local health authorities. By law, all discussions are confidential and may not be relayed further without your consent.

Interpretation in my language- 1177.se

If you become very ill or seriously injured

If you suddenly become very ill or are seriously injured, you should make your way to the emergency department at your nearest hospital. Our emergency department receives patients 24 hours a day.

If you require an ambulance – call 112

If you are unable to get to a hospital, either by yourself or with someone else’s help, call the emergency number 112.

Identity papers and health insurance documents

Should you require treatment at a public healthcare centre or at a hospital, please remember to bring your identity papers and health insurance documents with you. If you are an EU citizen you should bring your European Insurance Card or Certificate E111. These papers entitle you to emergency medical treatment at the same rates as swedish residents.