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Södra Älvsborg Hospital (SÄS) is a county hospital in Västra Götaland Region and provides specialised health care for 295 000 inhabitants in the town of Borås and it’s surrounding municipalities. In total there are 3500 employees at SÄS where the majority are based at SÄS Borås, which is the main hospital. SÄS also provides services at a smaller hospital; SÄS Skene. This hospital is located 37 km from Borås and in the municipality of Mark. SÄS also has several outpatient clinics offering psychiatric and paediatric care. 

SÄS has a wide span of operations. Apart from providing high quality health care within all specialties, including accident and emergency care, the hospital also has a research department and provides training for nurses and doctors. 

Our most common professions are nurses, assistant nurses and physicians, but there are another hundred different professions that are also important for health care. Medical technologists, medical secretaries, logistics specialists, economists, communicators and managers of IT systems are a few examples.


Educated abroad

To apply for our job vacancies, you must hold a licence to practice in professions within the Swedish healthcare system, have good knowledge of the Swedish language and also be well acquainted with the current healthcare legislation.

Application for auscultation and probationary service for health care personnel without a Swedish licence

Region Västra Götaland needs competent and skillful colleagues in order to meet our inhabitants’ needs of health care. With this service we turn to you who are a medical doctor or a nurse, with education from a country outside of the EU, are living in Region Västra Götaland, and are in the process towards a Swedish licence.

Educated abroad (swedish)