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When you are in hospital

Visiting hours

Visiting hours vary between the different wards in the hospital. Contact the ward in question to find out more information. You can also arrange visiting times with the staff that suit you and your close family/friends.


The staff are not allowed to receive gifts from patients.

Hand hygiene

Wash your hands frequently and preferably use hand disinfectant where it is provided in toilets, patient rooms and corridors. We all have bacteria and viruses, even when we are healthy, and everyone - staff, patients and visitors - can help to reduce the spread of infections.


There is a free wireless network, VGR Public, in parts of the hospital. Everyone is responsible for keeping to the rules for using this network. You can surf the internet at the following places in the hospitals:


VGR Public is available in the cafeteria, the waiting room at the department of medicine and in wards with wireless networks, mainly in the corridors.


VGR Public is available in the main entrance and the entrance to the rehab building. In Tehuset (units accessible via lift E) it is available in all the patient rooms and in the patient hotel. In the rest of the hospital it is mainly available in the corridors.

For those who have a Telia subscription, there is also a paying service called Telia Homerun in the main entrance in Borås and in the entrance area of the rehab building and by the library, at the SÄS Hotel and in the children's wards. Patients who have computers or mobile phones with built-in 3G or 4G modems can use these wherever there is coverage from the operator they have a subscription with. Please note that you are not allowed to use your mobile phone, tablet or computer everywhere in the hospital area.


We would prefer those who are admitted to a ward to use the hospital clothes provided, but you may use your own clothes if you want to. It is good to have your own indoor shoes or slippers with you. If you borrow hospital clothes when you go home, you will be given a "return bag". Put the clothes in the bag and leave them in the return box at the entrance to the hospital or at a health centre when you have the opportunity.


Patients in wards can choose meals from the menu. In some cases there may be special diet choices. The weekly menu is available in every ward. Requests for meals are filled in on a food card every day. If you are able to, we would prefer that you eat in the dining room.


Post is delivered to the wards every day, to the patients as well. Just tell your close family/friends the name of the ward. If you want to send post, give it to the staff on the ward. You can also put your post in the post-box in the main entrance.

Taking specimens in Borås and Skene

There is a clinic for taking specimens at the main entrance in Borås. In Skene there is a central specimen department opposite reception. Information on results from specimens is only given to healthcare staff, who then pass on the information to patients.

Patient information on specimens

Radio and TV

Radio is available by every bed in all wards. There is also a television in the day room. Some units have televisions in the rooms, including Tehuset in Borås.


You can have a telephone with its own number by your bedside. The bill will be added to your usual telephone bill. Out of consideration for the other patients, the telephones are turned off for incoming calls between 21.00 and 07.00, but you can make outgoing calls around the clock from your patient telephone.

In Borås there is a telephone kiosk for phone cards at the main entrance of the hospital. You are allowed to use mobile phones in most places in the hospital, with the exception of places where they could interfere with technical equipment. The staff will decide what applies in each ward.


Do not take large sums of money with you, bank books, credit cards or valuable jewellery. The hospital has limited facilities for storing valuables.

Updated: 2016-07-11 07:32