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Rules to consider

Rules to consider


Please do not bring flowers or other plants into healthcare premises. Their fragrance can be difficult for other patients. Certain plants can also cause discomfort to patients and staff with allergies.


Strong fragrances can cause discomfort in different ways to people with asthma, allergies and other hypersensitivities. Examples include perfume, flowers and cleaning agents. Please do not use scented products when you visit the hospital. Be considerate to other patients and staff who may be over-sensitive to perfume or other scented products.

Photography and filming

All hospitals within the Västra Götaland Region have a general ban on photography and filming. If you want to take photographs or film within the hospital area, you must obtain permission from the clinic or department where you are a patient or visiting. If the staff agree to your request, it is important to respect the wishes of other patients and employees not to be photographed.


There is a free wireless network, VGR Public, in parts of the hospital. Everyone is responsible for keeping to the rules for using this network. You can surf the internet at the following places in the hospitals:

  • Skene: VGR Public is available in the cafeteria, the waiting room at the department of medicine and in wards with wireless networks, mainly in the corridors.
  • Borås: VGR Public is available in the main entrance and the entrance to the rehab building. In Tehuset (units accessible via lift E) it is available in all the patient rooms and in the patient hotel. In the rest of the hospital it is mainly available in the corridors.

Audio recording

Audio recording is permitted if the person making the recording participates in the conversation. However, under Swedish law you may not record other people secretly. If, as a patient, you wish to record a conversation with a doctor or other member of staff to help you remember what was said, you must have the person's permission first.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be used where appropriate from a privacy and security perspective. It is permitted to use mobile phones in single-patient rooms. In rooms for two or more patients it is permitted, as long as the other patients and close family/friends agree. Staff in the ward may ask you to turn off your phone if it affects their ability to provide safe and efficient care.

Mobile phones may not be used to make calls in public areas of the wards, clinics, intensive care rooms, dialysis rooms, treatment rooms, examination rooms or delivery rooms. Smart phones and other mobile phones with an internet connection may be used to surf provided this does not disturb other patients, visitors or staff.


Smoking is not permitted on our premises or the area around the hospital. Everyone, including patients, staff and visitors, shall have a completely smoke-free, pleasant environment - which means that nobody should be involuntarily exposed to tobacco smoke. The hospital offers patients support and help to stop smoking during their stay here.

Updated: 2016-07-11 10:10