Food for healing and recovery

If you are poorly nourished, which is common among older patients, it is important to get enough energy. It can be good to eat sweet desserts and snacks in this case. However, it is common to lose your appetite when you are ill or injured. Here is some advice on how to eat the right food, and tips on desserts and snacks.

How food can help your body to recover

If you have lost your appetite

Eat 5 to 6 times a day. A little food at a time is easier to eat. Choose standard products and add a little extra butter/cream/oil in the food. Drink more energy-rich liquids such as milk, juice, cordial and light beer. Eat a dessert every day.

If you are nauseous

Eat little and often. Avoid large meals. Cold dishes are often easier than warm dishes. Drink clear drinks (juice, cordial, light beer). Salt can help against nausea. Try savoury biscuits, herring, caviar, gherkins. Prevent cooking smells - air the room often!

Difficult to chew or swallow

Choose soft food such as mashed potato, fish, mincemeat, egg, soup, stewed fruit, porridge, soft bread without a crust, preserved or ripe fruit. Read the advice for lost appetite.

Snacks and evening meals

Snacks are particularly important if you only eat small portions. There are many good products to buy or make yourself at home. Here are some tips and ideas for snacks and evening meals for those who find it difficult to eat.

  • Sandwich with butter and ham/cheese
  • Fruit or fruit salad
  • Sour milk or yoghurt with cereals
  • Sour milk or yoghurt with crushed gingerbread
  • Stewed fruit with milk or creamy milk
  • Fruit yoghurt
  • Risifrutti or Mannafrutti
  • Rusks or biscuits with butter and cheese
  • Sweet biscuits, pastries
  • Ice-cream
  • Tinned fruit or berries with cream or ice-cream
  • Fruit purée with macaroons or cream
  • Rose hip soup or blueberry soup with cottage cheese, ice-cream or cream
  • Apple purée with whipped cream
  • Egg halves with caviar
  • Chocolate drink with whipped cream
  • Cheese curd cake with jam
  • Puddings 

Updated: 2016-07-11 07:59