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After-care and treatment

Discharge from a ward

When you are discharged from a ward, we generally send a letter with information about your treatment here to the doctor you were first in contact with, such as at a health centre. We do this to ensure that (s)he is able to follow up your state of health after your stay in the hospital. Discharge from your ward generally takes place during the morning.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions after your treatment in hospital is over, you are very welcome to contact us. Call the ward or clinic where you were a patient and the staff there will help you.

Your journal

When you are given care, all treatment is documented in your patient journal. You have the right to access this information by requesting a copy of what is in the journal. In exceptional cases it may not be appropriate to provide such information.

Order a copy of your journal

Food for healing and recovery

After illness and injuries the body needs enough nutrition to recover. Food helps the healing process. However, it is common to lose your appetite when you are ill or injured. Advice on how best to eat sufficient food and tips on desserts and snacks can be found on the page about food for healing and recovery.

Food for healing and recovery

Training after treatment

After certain illnesses, injuries and operations, occupational therapists and physiotherapists can help you to train so that you can manage everyday life better. If you need any technical aids you can get help trying them out.

Lost and found - valuables and belongings

If you have forgotten anything during your stay as a patient in Borås, we will try to contact you or a person close to you. If we do not succeed in making contact we will leave your belongings at the reception in the main entrance, which is open from Monday to Friday from 07.00-17.00. The telephone number is 033- 616 1284. After one week, the reception will pass items of value to the police lost property department. Clothing is saved for three months, after which it is discarded.

The healthcare wards in Skene keep forgotten valuables for a few weeks, and then hand them in to the police. Clothing and other items are saved in the wards for a limited time.

Travelling while sick

If you have paid for your travel to and from the hospital, you have the right to some compensation for those costs. You will have to pay part of the cost, depending on the mode of transport. This is called a personal cost. If you need to travel by taxi or special vehicle due to your state of health, a certificate from your care provider (the hospital) will be required.

When you travel home from the hospital, the staff can assist you in ordering suitable transport. You can also book transport yourself, but bear in mind that there are certain rules you must follow. For example, the transport must be booked at least one day in advance.

Remuneration for patient transport in Västra Götaland -

Updated: 2016-07-11 07:55