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Patients at SÄS

Information desk/ reception

Boras. In the main entrance there is an information desk to assist you Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Phone +46 (0)33-6161284.

Skene. The reception in the main entrance is open Monday-Friday
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Phone +46 (0)320-779157 or +46 (0)320-779165 . 

Wards and clinics at SÄS

You can also read about how to apply for copies of your journal and how to give your viewpoints to the health services. Practical information about various services and parking facilities, among other things, can be found via the links on the website. Medical questions, on the other hand, will be answered by staff at our clinics.

E-services at 1177 Healthcare Guide

Carry out your healthcare tasks and contact your clinic reception when it suits you. The e-services at 1177 Healthcare Guide provide you with an easy way to reach healthcare at any time. All your contacts are made through a personal account. You can make appointments and change them, renew prescriptions and see which medicines you have. The e-services provided by different clinic receptions may vary slightly.


The Accessibility Database (TD) has information about physical accessibility on the hospital premises. It is divided into five areas:

  • Difficult to hear
  • Difficult to see
  • Difficult to move
  • Difficult to tolerate certain substances
  • Difficult to understand, interpret and communicate information


Let us know in advance if you need help from an interpreter. In this case, please contact the ward or clinic reception you are going to, which is shown in your letter of notification.

Charges and methods of payment

There are several different charges for patients. For visits and treatment in the daytime, there is always a limit on the maximum charge. All medical care for children and young people up to 20 is free, with the exception of healthcare, some vaccines and certain certificates. Please pay with a debit card if possible.

  • Overnight charges when you stay in a ward
    When you stay in hospital there is a charge per day, which you pay later when the hospital sends you a bill to your home address. There are also rules for maximum charges for treatment in hospital.
  • Charges for visits to clinics
     The patient fee can be paid in cash, by debit card or by invoice. We prefer payment by card rather than cash for reasons of staff security, among other things.

Staying the night at the SÄS Hotel.

The SÄS Hotel is a healthcare hotel for patients who do not need a traditional place in a ward, but who can care for themselves with the help of staff. The hotel offers medical security and good service in quiet, calm surroundings. There are specialised nurses and assistant nurses with long experience of emergency care available around the clock. Close family/friends are welcome to stay in an extra bed. Depending on availability, it may be possible for healthcare professionals to rent a room.

Updated: 2016-07-08 15:20