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Services offered


There are several late-hours pharmacies in Borås and some supermarkets that have a range of non-prescription medicines. The pharmacies closest to the hospital are as follows:

  • Borås: Juwelen pharmacy is located in the main entrance of SÄS Borås.
  • Skene: Kronans Droghandel pharmacy in Skene is at Varbergsvägen 71, opposite the hospital.


There is a free wireless network in the hospital, VGR Public. Everyone is responsible for keeping to the rules for using this network.

You are allowed to use mobile phones, tablets and laptops in most places in the hospital, with the exception of places where they could interfere with technical equipment. The staff will decide what applies in each ward.

Food and drink

Café and shop on Glasgatan, Borås

The café and shop are in the main entrance of the hospital. You can have coffee and cake or eat a light meal here, as well as buy postcards, sweets, hygiene articles etc. Glasgatan also sells ready meals to take away.

Café Samariten, Borås (Closed)

The café and lunch restaurant Samariten is by the entrance to the rehab centre at entrance 10. 

Cafeteria and kiosk, Skene

The cafeteria and kiosk are in the main entrance. You can have coffee and cake or eat a light meal here, as well as buy postcards, sweets, hygiene articles etc. Open on weekdays.

Restaurants in Borås and Skene

The restaurants are open to everyone and serve meals of the day, soups and salad buffets and some café food. It is also possible to take your own food here to eat.

Medical Museum

In the main entrance of SÄS Borås there is a historical exhibition of medicine. One part consists of objects and facts about healthcare in the past, and another part is a historical medical reference library. There is a unique travelling pharmacy from the 18th century: a wooden box with glass jars, bottles and a prescription book.

Hospital church

There is a hospital church if you want to talk to someone when you feel worried, or want help with Bible reading or worship. The hospital church is there for both patients and close family/friends. If you wish to contact your congregation, another communion or another religion, the hospital church can mediate.

Staying overnight

Parents of children in hospital, relatives of very ill patients and patients undergoing special treatment are allowed to stay and spend the night at the hospital. Talk with the staff and they will give you advice.

Updated: 2022-04-11 10:48