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Management and administration

Södra Älvsborg Hospital - organisation pdf

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the hospital's internal and external financial and operational follow-up. The Controller Function supports the hospital's planning, control and follow-up of finance and production.

The Finance Function is responsible for financial planning, accounting, internal control and development. The principal clients are the Västra Götaland Region on the central level and management teams at all levels within the hospital. The Department is led by the Finance Manager.

HR Department

The HR Department is responsible for making SÄS a good workplace that offers staff the scope to develop, as well as a good working environment and a sense of involvement. Each employee should have the opportunity to experience job satisfaction and a feeling of pride in the work that is being done.

The HR Department, in partnership with the managers, offers specialist knowledge and service in conjunction with recruitment, competence development, remuneration structures, health and working environment. The Department is led by the Human Resources Manager and is divided into teams with different areas of responsibility. Staffing Service is a separate unit with responsibility for temporary staffing solutions within the hospital.

Communication Department

The Communication Department is responsible for internal and external communication, filing, library services, photography and graphic production, the administrative office and diary, IT legislation for patients and employees, conference premises and exhibitions. The Department is led by the Communication Manager.

Development Department

The Development Department is a support function for development in a variety of areas. It is a source of guidance and expertise for SÄS employees and managers and it is responsible, together with employees and managers at SÄS, for developing healthcare in a way that the situation for patients, employees and orderers is continuously improved. The Department is led by the Development Manager.

Areas that the Development Department works with include research, the 'health-promoting hospital', quality, improvement knowledge and analysis, healthcare choice and accessibility, production planning, logistics and flow development, process development, care development, development of the sick leave and rehabilitation process and patient safety.

Support functions

In addition to the departments, there are a number of support functions that cover the entire hospital and which are led by the Service Manager. The areas in question are Premises and Security, Medical Informatics and Technology, SÄS Hotel, Environment and Sustainability and Coordination Borås-Skene. There are also development projects dealing with premises and contractual issues with Västfastigheter, Regional Service and other parties.

Updated: 2016-07-11 12:08