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About the hospital

Södra Älvsborg Hospital has a wide span of operations. Apart from providing high quality health care within all specialties, including accident and emergency care, the hospital also has a research department and provides training for nurses and doctors.

The hospital has some 4000 employees where the majority work at SÄS Borås. Some of the operations are based at a smaller hospital SÄS Skene in the municipality of Mark. The hospital also has several outpatient clinics offering psychiatric and paediatric care. 

Södra Älvsborg Hospital in brief (pdf)

Our common way of working

  • We involve patients and their relatives in the care
  • We work in teams and combine process and line organisation
  • We are a learning organization in continuous development
  • We cooperate, use resources efficiently and optimise flows
  • We work to promote health for a sustainable future
  • We follow up our activities, give feedback and improve

Operating plan

The model shows the operating plan in simplified form. Due to its design, the model is known as the X-matrix. Apart from clarifying the focal areas, objectives, measurement figures and improvement programmes, it highlights the part played by our work in achieving the objectives.

As a whole, it should answer the questions: Where do we want to be heading? What are we doing about it? How do we know that we are moving in the right direction? Who is involved? Apart from the overall SÄS matrix, each clinic and staff unit have a corresponding plan for use as a tool on the management level.

Focal areas 

  • Care-related injuries will be minimised
  • Patient involvement will increase
  • Care at the correct time
  • Develop knowledge-based care
  • A better workplace
Updated: 2016-07-11 11:49