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Reception - no symptoms

This reception is for you who have no symptoms and wish to get tested to be sure that you are healthy. It's very important that you have no symptoms, and that you only come to get tested and that you haven't received a "partnerbrev".

We have reception for you who wish to test yourself (without any symptoms).

This reception is mondays, wednesdays and thursdays. From week 40; 2108 you have to book your appointment at 1177 e-tjänster, you se a link at our first page 1177 e-kontakter/webbtidbok to book this. 

If you have any problems booking at 1177 e-tjänster, you can call us and we will help you book an appointment.

There is no doctor available at this reception.


When you come to our drop in reception (mondays, wednesdays and thursdays) you need to have hold your urine for at least two hours. Women need to be free from ongoing menstruation when they come to get tested. Haven't received a "partnerbrev".

If you have any questions at all, you are welcome to contact us at the STD-reception.


033-616 29 63

Telephone hours
Mondays, wednesdays and fridays 13:00-14:00
Tuesdays 12:00-13:00 (Summertime we often change the telephone hours, be sure to check the first page for more information).

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